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Saicos Wash Care
Saicos Wax Care


Saicos Ecoline Wash Care

For regular damp mop cleaning dilute concentrate approximatly 4 caps per 1.5 gallons of water. Make sure that the mop cloth is wrung out carefully to ensure damp cleaning. Wipe dry if necessary. Frequency of use: Weekly or whenever needed needed.

Saicos Ecoline Wax Care

For Refreshing and MaintenanceAlways use Ecoline Wash Care before applying Wax Care. For an effortless spot removal and refreshing of any oiled wood surfaces, just pour one cup of Wax Care (for approximately 10 square feet on the surface and rub in evenly with a cloth. No visible overlay marks to non treated surfaces visible.

Regular mopping with Saicos Wash Care and annual with Saicos Wax Care.

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